Laser Treatment Toenail Fungus

Laser Treatment Toenail FungusBest treatment for toenail fungus. Fortunately, there is a new treatment, laser treatment for toenail fungus, which is far more effective than any of the treatments most people have tried in the past.

Laser treatment works by sending a laser beam into the nail where it reaches the fungus and focuses the pulse frequency on this unwelcome fungus. Rather than taking months to kill the fungus, the laser beam is able to kill it immediately. The laser does not destroy healthy tissue, just the fungus.

Best treatment for toenail fungus. Unlike taking oral medications, using the laser beam to treat nail fungus does not include any of the scary and potentially dangerous side effects of causing liver damage. And unlike having to undergo a procedure to remove a nail, the laser procedure does not cause the patient any pain.

The laser roves over the nail, making sure that every bit of the nail has come under the hit of the laser. Unlike topical treatment, which takes months to undertake – and even then you do not know if it was successful, a laser treatment can be done in as little as half an hour.

There are oral and topical medications, a medicated nail polish and even removing the nail as a last resort. However, the problem with all of these treatments is that some have dangerous side effects and there is a lot of time involved with doing the best treatment for toenail fungus.

It takes a long time to see if the treatment even made a difference. After some treatments, you have to wait awhile to see if it worked, which means there can be a risk that the treatment did not kill all of the fungi. VICKS VAPO RUB FOR TOENAIL FUNGUS

For you, that means you can end up having that fungi regroup and regrow – and you start the entire process of getting it treated all over again. When there is a fungus on your toenails or fingernails, it can be ugly, make you feel embarrassed when others see and make you want to hide your hands and feet.

Having to deal with it for months can take a toll on your self-esteem. But fortunately, there is a new treatment that is far more effective than any of the treatments most people have tried in the past.

While the procedure, laser treatment for toenail fungus, is expensive – costing just over $1,000 – it is more than 10 times more effective than the oral, topical, polish and surgical treatments and the time it takes to be effective is one treatment. The laser treatment is approved by the FDA and considered to be a breakthrough in medicine. Nail Disease